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Review: FurBalls
Author: MrPineapple
Added: 22/05/2009

So lets start off getting something straight: I dont play many click games so if you disagree with my verdict here you can put it down to inexperience and not malice or anything!

Right, now thats out of the way lets get to the gubbins of this review. (heh gubbins)

lets start with whats good about it. Basically I found this game on my harddrive in about 2004 and having never played past the first world I didnt think it was anything special. It wasnt until much later when I actually got past the first world that i realised that this game's levels flow in an unusually elegant way. The overall design of each world seems to successfully tread that line between cliché and still staying interesting. reoccurring enemies in this game give a certain stability/familiarity the likes of which you get in mario with koopas or goombas! The overall level design is simply excellent! Also this game has smatterings of humor which I like in games.

The difficulty curve is unforgiving at times but about right. Yes I have found myself swearing at the screen with this game but only usually on the last level of a world... which is how it should be! The bosses are all great fun to face and worth getting past that bitch of a last level to get to. HOWEVER the character's movement! Its a very “click game” sort of feel here, and could really really have benefited from the platform movement object! (which I believe actually did exist when this game came out... just about) the jumping is the real problem, sometimes it just doesnt get the hight or momentum you expect and on later levels a simple blip like this can result in instant death! Theres also a bug with getting stuck on the corner of a platform and vibrating like a maniac!

I know nothing about good graphics so i'll keep this bit brief... you can tell what everything is supposed to be.... umm ... thats what graphics are for in my experience! trouble is i still have to give graphics a rating. hmmm.

Ok this is my area: MUSIC (and sounds) the voice stuff is great fun, for some reason speeding your (or anyone's) voice up never fails to work in a platform game! The other sounds all fit the cartoonish sort of feel and/or serve their purpose. The music however is a slightly different matter. Theres nothing wrong with MIDI but using downloaded MIDI files from random creators is something I as a musician cant help but frown upon. (at least I think thats what he did) that said, all the tracks fit perfectly. the only real problem with the music is that it doesnt loop, although I read somewhere that this was to avoid triggering a bigger bug. And as spram said himself somewhere “if the music finishes its because you're taking too long” heheh, fair enough.

well.... i've found myself coming back to this game on and off for the last 5 or 6 years so it must have done something right!

I think thats it... in closing i'd like to say that this game is very worthy of a place in the click museum and I personally consider it a classic! raaawr!

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Posted by Rikus 23rd May, 2009

Great Review! You should write more!
Posted by MrPineapple 23rd May, 2009

thank you .... i might just do that!
Posted by Dr. James MD 18th August, 2009

You never did!
Posted by AndyUK 1st February, 2013

Yeah, you're really lazy Piney.


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