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Review: Special Agent
Author: TechVision
Added: 09/06/2009

The presentation of Special Agent is good. The original game this is based on, Secret Agent, holds fond memories for me. And this game is more accessible I think. All in all the general feeling you get is that the developers have cared about making every aspect of the game professional, which I think it acheives.

The gameplay is where Special Agent really excels. The game has you completing a lot of different objectives, while you can also collect a lot of things that aren't needed to complete the missions. I think the it's varied and fun, and the difficulty curve is very good. There's lots of things to do and it doesn't get boring. At some point in a level I was ready to give up, thinking I'm not going to clear the objectives on time EVER, and then I said to myself: "Just one more go" and that really sums up the game. I just couldn't let it go and now I clear that level easily...

The graphics is rather good. DavidN has a very recognizable graphical style, and although simple I quite like it. It's not the prettiest game you ever saw, but it's very functional. Some of the graphics were created by J Freude who helped DavidN on this project.

The sound and music is ok. Nothing spectacular but not annoying or incredible. I didn't really notice it too much. I think when dying there could have been a sound effect, but not to worry it's rather unimportant really.

Granted once you know exactly how to play the game, going back right after completion isn't so motivating. But it's very fun going through the game first time around. After some years, I've returned to it and started playing through it again. So I guess lastability is good.

This game is very accomplished. It's very good in key areas. Go ahead and download it if you haven't already.

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