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Review: Atom Boy 2
Author: Phykyloman
Added: 19/07/2009

Tablesoftware review

Atom Boy 2 is a game made in K&P (Klik and Play).

Presentation: This game is a pretty straight forward game with a simple graphic engine, anyway it doesn't really show that much improvements since the first one.

Gameplay: The gameplay is straight forward and simple. In the beginning of the game it's balanced difficulty, but after the first act of the game, it barely switches the difficulty complete random. Some levels may be easy, find a great pattern to shoot through, and followed by a punishing and unbalanced level. It can also be repetitive to kill the same enemies again and again.

Graphics: The graphic-engine is simple and has charm, but it does not improve since the first game. It's also just the same enemies repeatedly in next to every level.

Sound/Music: The sounds in this game are bland, there is no variation on the sounds and can get repeatedly after just killing some enemies. The music isn't much to talk about either.

Lastability: This game gets old pretty quickly, and there are not that much replay value either. Anyway it could be at least more playable if you didn't die that much and if it were more variation.

Overall: Atom Boy 2 is a disappointment game. You may play it for a while but mediocre presentation, punishing gameplay and generic sound effects keep this game to take the cake. //Tablesoftware

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