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Review: Ladders 2
Author: Rikus
Added: 05/11/2009

In ladders 2 you are green little ball that has to climb up to the exit to continue on. There are many obstacles in the way between your exit and the starting point. The menu is nice and clean and you will be able to start quickly.

The hook of this game is that you canít kill any enemies yourself, you have to either trick other enemies in killing each other or using other devices to kill enemies. This works rather well and not once in the game did I want to go ahead and just pickup a gun and destroy the enemies myself.

The graphics while a bit simple are strong and made in the same style in the entire game and do the trick just fine. I also liked the fact that your enemies and environment changes as you continue on in the game. The sound effects and music fit the game pefectly and enhance the gameplay experience. Sometimes in games you find that some of the sound effects are just plain annoying, however this is not the case in Ladders 2.

The level design is also cleverly made in that for each level there are 5 different versions. This means that each time you play the game you are playing a different version of the level. This is a unique and very nice addition. There are no continues or save points, so when you die you will have to start at level 1, I can forgive ladders 2 because of the way the game changes up every level anyway so it never gets boring to re-start.

Screenshot 3

I must say the only thing that did bug me with the game is the jumping device. There are jump board scattered all over the game. You have to jump on them twice for you to jump higher. However this does not always work and often you make a small jump which makes you fall down to your death. We also must talk about the level editor! Once you finish the game and you checked all the different versions, then be sure to check out the cool level editor and build your own levels! A great extra is that you can also save your levels and reload them at a later time.

Anddd if that was not enough Ricky also included the source code for the game so you can see how the game was made! In the end however this is a really fun game to play! With plenty of levels to keep you going, a strong level design and tight controls, I can highly recommend this game.

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Posted by Ricky 5th November, 2009

Wow a review. Thanks Rikus.


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