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Review: Pixel Man
Author: Rikus
Added: 06/11/2009

In Pixel man you have to shoot zombies and .. .. well thatís really all you need to do!
You control your little hero with the keyboard, and with 1 weapon in your hand you can get rid the world of zombies.

Iíll start right out and say the problem with this game that it has to many modes and options to choose from. I really loved the graphics and layout of all the level and the graphics are fun and well made but because the game has so many modes it quickly becomes noticeable that if more time was spend on just one game type the game would have been better because of it.

Also it is not really explained what you have to do in each mode and I had to die plenty of times before really figuring out on what to do. That brings me to another point that these zombies take many bullets to kill, add to the fact that you canít jump, you will die many times. You can however climb on walls but this does not help you if a zombie comes charging at you from low ground. I did like how the main menu was presented but I do wish the menu would just move a bit quicker.

The game has some alright sound effects but even more so in a Halloween game I did expect some scary music to bring me more in the mood. Right now the overall game is just to silent.

Screenshot 3

Overall, yes you should give this game a try since it is fun to shoot the zombies, and to try out the different modes. But the game would have been better if more time would have been spend on just 1 or 2 modes. (for example a main mission mode and just the survival mode perhaps?) Now itís all too much spread out and the game play experience is hurting because of it.

Good game but there is still more work to be done!

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