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Review: Unknown Game 7994
Author: Rikus
Added: 15/11/2009

Miner 2049er again is a new game bases on a old game created by Danjo, Chris Och and music by Mathias!. In the game you have to clean up some chemical spills in caves that are filled with dangerous monsters and other things.

The game starts out with a great tutorial were your grandpa miner -as I like to call him- explains what you can and cannot do. He teaches you some great things, not just at the beginning but further in the game also since the game does get more complicated the further you get. Lets first talk about the amazing sprite work. All the sprites match perfectly from your hero to the backgrounds and the enemies sprites it all feels like a professional piece of art, and I loved every pixel of it. The levels are laid out beautifully and does not give away to much at the beginning.

That brings me to the level design. The game starts off slowly as it introduces you a new technique or item in each level on what you can do or what you can use. For some people this slow introduction might put some people off since this is more of a thinking game were you have to plan your next move or your next jump. For me personally once I got the hang of the fact that I should actually be wary of where I was going, and not just jump all over the place like a crazy miner, I did enjoy the game more! Things do however get more complicated and even more fun further in the game as all the elements you were taught by your grandpa miner come together in some crazy levels. As for the music and sound effects I loved the little details in them. The sound effects complement the game play and sprite work and the music did not intevere with the game play at all, and was nice and mellow.

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I do have a couple of things that bugged me while playing. For some reason you canít jump to the left or right when you are standing still. You can only jump sideways if you are moving first, this caused for some bad situation for my little hero sometimes.

Also your legs are not made out of steal, if you fall for too long you will lose a life so be careful of that. And sometimes by accident I did die a couple of times this way.

However after everything being said this is a great mix of a puzzle/platformer that you should not go into with all guns blazing. Take your time to learn the controls and what you can do, and you will have a great experience. Even more so with the included high score system which will make you come back for more mining. Well done guys!

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