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Review: Paint It!
Author: Mr. Funman
Added: 06/12/2009

Paint It! is an addictive game by Jason Orme. It's just fun. Totally fun. That's all.

In this game, you must use the arrow keys to move the paintbrush and color the red squares green. But when you press the arrow key, the paintbrush doesn't stop moving until it hits a wall. That's pretty much it. Really. That's all. Oh wait, I forgot to say that it times you. More on that later. I give the gameplay a 9.

The graphics fit together nicely. Even the basic red and green squares look good. Those same squares make up the background. Cool-looking graphics. I give the graphics a 10.

The game includes a nice voice along with a little "pop" sound when you paint a square. Too bad there isn't any music, which is supposed to be better than the sound. I give the sound a 7.

This game is addictive. ADDICTIVE. The game times you, so that will keep you going because you'll want to get a better time. Once you get a great time, you'll favorite Paint It! and not think about it until you see it again. You'll see it lots of times, though. I give the replay a 10.

You probably know that I like this game already. This leads to an overall score of... 2. JUST KIDDING! The real score is... 10!!!

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Posted by Mr. Funman 6th December, 2009

Oops, I forgot to select the number of stars for the replay!


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