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Review: CupCakes
Author: Mr. Funman
Added: 06/12/2009

Once upon a time, Aden created CupCake, which is a short platforming game. When I played this game, I felt like reviewing it. This is what I thought about this game.

The gameplay was pretty nice. You press up to jump, and press up again to double jump. When you get a yellow star, you transform into Super CupCake, which jumps faster and walks faster then the regular CupCake. When you get a blue star, you transform into Power CupCake, which is the same as Super CupCake except he runs faster and leaves a fire trail (which is only useful in level 2). I give the gameplay a 9.

The graphics are all drawn by Aden, and they look good. Woo-hoo! The different CupCakes look different, but Power CupCake looks a LITTLE awkward. I give the graphics a 9.

Oh no, another game that doesn't have ANY sound! Boo-hoo! Sound is soooooooo easy to put in your game, but Aden just didn't do it. I give the sound a 0, since there is no sound at all.

The game is short but addictive. You will keep coming back for more. I can read your mind. But, after about 15 plays, you won't come back for more until you see it again. I give the replay (AKA lastability) a 7.

This was a pretty good game. Ready for da score? It's... (drum roll) 9!!!

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