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Review: Stickman-Army-Defence
Author: HorrendousGames
Added: 04/08/2010

Stickman-Army-Defense, is a game in which you defend your giant bar of gold and tent like object from Tae-bo instructors, bikers whom have since traded in their bikes for trendy scooters, and magic gun men that can KILL you simply by pretending to make a sound like a battery powered blender that's almost out of juice (power juice that is).

As far as presentation is concerned, I get where the developers were going for, but they didn't pull it off. But of course the most important part is they tried, and in ten years if they're still developing games, this is something I'm sure they can look back on and smile.

Gameplay, I really wanted to enjoy this game, but certain things kept me from doing so. For one thing, this game literally is impossible. I mean, the developers assured me that it was impossible to win, but they should also mention the game is impossible to play as well. It has a solid concept, but certain bugs keep that concept from being fulfilled. One issue was that my gun wouldn't reload every time I tried to reload it, so that left me trying to jam on the spacebar to try to get it to work. Other than that, it's nice that they teased you with interesting looking guns and weapons, but I never had a chance to use any of them. They're so expensive and the enemies give you so little money and by the 3rd day your crappy pea-shooter that always seems to jam at the right time is no match for the hords of stickmen. I ended up having to use mines to kill off most of them, but then that left me with no money for anything else. And if you're running low on life, forget buying that expensive 10 points of health. Once one of those ax men get to your gold bar, that hard earned 10 points goes like a cup of kool-aid. Oh yeah, and the falling rocks does nothing at all, that was a dissapointment.

Screenshot 1

Now, it's obvious that the developers aren't exactly pros of the art world, so it'd be very unfair to pick on them, but I will. I'm just kidding. Graphics are the kind you'd expect from this type of developer.

Screenshot 2

This has to be the best freakin part of the game. I don't know where the song came from, but it cracks me up. I already mentioned the washing machine noise they used for the enemy guns, and the sound that the mines make before they blow crap up is pretty good too. I don't remember what the sound for explosions sounded like, but substituting a kid going "PPPPPPPPWWWEEEEOOW" will suffice.

Screenshot 3

Well, at the start of the game, one of the kids challenged me to beat his score. A worthy challenge, except for the fact that he doesn't tell you what his score was, and for that matter, even when you finish the game, it doesn't record your score. Unless his score was zero, in which case that makes sense because this game is damn hard. Because of that fact, and the facts that I've mentioned before, this game doesn't have the lastability it could have.

Screenshot 4

Stickman-Army-Defense was something else. There were a few halfway decent concepts floating around, but the developers just didn't have the skills to bring them out. I'm sure if they just keep trying, they'll get over that and be able to really bring their ideas to life. This is mearly a stepping stone to a higher plane, a gateway to the next level. One last piece of advice I can give, spell check your work, please. Oh yeah, and please, try again.

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Posted by PotatoCannon 4th August, 2010

The falling rocks has a cooldown and when it is done you can click on it to use
Posted by PotatoCannon 4th August, 2010


Posted by PotatoCannon 4th August, 2010

HAHA if forgott to say the score
Posted by PotatoCannon 4th August, 2010

So! i'm fixing some things on the game now ! =


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