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Review: The Way Back (Demo)
Author: monkeytherat
Added: 21/11/2010

In this game/ demo, you play as Pittio, a small teenage rabbit with a bunch of guns You fight through a forest of unique, well drawn enemies and bosses until you reach the final boss. I quite enjoyed this game, and it really got me excited for the full version. This game reminds me of Metroid in many ways, but is still a completely different game, which is great!

The gameplay was very unique for quite a few reasons. The enemies are well programmed, and some are pretty tough to beat. The three difficulties is great, easy mode gave me time to learn the controls for medium mode, which gave the the practice/ experience for hard mode... The controls were a bit awkward and took some time to get used too, but it wasn't that big of a deal. i do believe, however, that the full version would benefit from customizable controls. Also, it may be helpful to add a "press e to start) at the beginning, as it took me a minute or two to figure out how to start the game.

The visuals in this game are quite stunning. Everything was made by Meadowhare himself, and just blew me away. The way everything blended with the environment and really looked like they were the kinds of monsters that would really be there... not to mention the fact that they are very different than anything I've ever seen. The only thing I can say that could be improved here is the ability to switch between full screen and window view, since my resolution is pretty high and it made some graphics seem a bit fuzzy.

I can't say much about the music except that is is custom made, sounds great, and fits the scenery exceptionally.

I will definately be going back to this game quite a number of times, as I have played through it a few times already and am not in any way bored of it yet.

Great game, meadowhare, I can't wait to play the full version

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