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Review: Tukky's Christmas 2
Author: Fish20
Added: 05/01/2012

Tukky's Christmas 2 is a cute little platformer by Duncan made for the Newgrounds Christmas Competition. The game greets you with a plane-flying brid who informs you that cats have stolen Tukky's Christmas presents. You must "sort this mess out" by getting as many of Tukky's presents back as you can.

Tukky 2's title screen is fairly simple, a bouncy title and logo, some falling snow. It might have been nice to add a bit more, but that's just my opinion. I really like the transparent menus much better than text boxes, and Tukky 2 does this well. Duncan chose the font well, its perfect for this game.

Tukky's Christmas 2 is full of platforming goodness, but let me get some bad stuff out of the way first. Well, I just thought this game was too easy to complete. You have a lot of health, and with two easy to find health-ups, you are pretty much set for the whole game. The camera is a strange one. While the screen horizantally centers Tukky while he moves, the camera only vertically moves when Tukky gets near the top or bottom of the screen. Because of this, most of the time you can't see what is above or below you, be it spikes or an enemy cat. I THINK this game had branching paths, but I'm really not sure as everything seemed really similar both times through. There are a bunch of locked doors in the game, which I found confusing as there are no keys to be found (but I guess that's my fault for not reading the description!) Now for the good stuff. Tukky 2's combat is simple and enjoyable. There is two weapons, a sword and arrows (which is a power-up). The only enemies are cats which try to scratch you and shoot arrows at you. The power-ups are nice, I liked the wall jumping especially. Jumping doesn't seem too floaty or too limited, and the movement isn't too slidey or compressed.

Screenshot 1

The graphics are only okay to be honest. Most backdrops seem just painted on with the brush tool without cleaning it up. I realize this is the "cartoon style", but those mountains in the background just look awful. Despite the medicore graphics, the animations of the characters are very good. I really like the water at the bottom, it's a very cool effect. Something else bothered me too. There is this creepy sun in the first part of the game that just follows the frame, and he never blinks! He IS the sun, he looked in a mirror and blinded himself?

Screenshot 2

Tukky's Christmas 2 features some very excellent music. The three tracks in the game are all very calming and fitting to the holidays, and the cute sound effects fit well with the overall mood of the game. They also blend nicely with the music. The only thing wrong is that the sound effects seem slightly off timing with Tukky's actions, BUT only slightly!

Screenshot 3

I actually played this game twice in a row just to get the whole experience (and all the presents). If I was forced to play a third time, it would still be fun too. The game gives the illusion that its humongous even though its a small game. I have to say though, that it was very short, but what do you expect from a flash game made in a week?

Screenshot 4

I thought this was a very good game, it was definitely one of the best flash games I've ever played. If you are looking for a fun platformer in which you don't have to download from a freaky website which is probably plagued with viruses, then you should play Tukky's Christmas 2. :)

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Posted by twiterror 6th January, 2012

excellent review.. a little harsh, though, graphics are incredible, and gameplay is the best!


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