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Review: Aggelos
Author: Lazer Cow Studios
Added: 18/08/2016 00:50:33

Pretty good! It doesn't exactlty throw you in, nor does it slowly drag you. That's a simplified opinion, but it's what I make of it.

Somewhat of a mix of Adventure Island on the NES, and The Legend Of Zelda II. I love it so much!

Reminds me of TLOZ, which I really love. It also has it's own style, but seems to have a base off of those games. Good job!

I'd say it's rather decent. Nothing special, but I do like it.

IT can be replayed, due to it's base of gameplay. It's not as enjoyable as the first time, but it IS repayable. The game itself is decently long, as well!

It's a great game, some inspired parts, some original parts, some things of other themes. To be honest, it's one of my favorite games on this site. Or maybe I just like It when It reminds me of the super nintendo. Either way, I highly reccomend this, and Good job to you, developer!

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