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Review: Monster hunter Pinball
Author: MonadoBoy64
Added: 04/02/2018 19:39:03

The presentation in Monster Hunter Pinball is meh. I liked how there is blood coming out of the title, but there's little much detail on the title screen it's just a screen with a black background, title, high scores, and the controls.

The gameplay is just bad. It's just a generic pinball game. But the factor that killed it was I couldn't see the paddles. And I tried everything to get to see the paddles but I failed and I had a very hard time playing the game.

The graphics are okay. The sprites look okay. But there's no background detail in the level.

The music is meh and the sound effects are okay. The music on the title screen is okay but there's no music in the level.

There's not much replayability to the game besides getting a high score, I wish there were more levels and more to it.

Overall Monster Hunter Pinball is just bad the graphics and sound effects are okay, the presentation and music are meh, and the gameplay and lastability are just bad. LordHannu on your next project please focus on gameplay first before everything else. This the biggest problem in games on the Daily Click. They focus more on making it pretty than making it fun to play. Also if you are going to making a game that has monster hunter in the name. Have characters, monsters, and environments from monster hunter in the game. Don't just slap the monster hunter name on the game if it has nothing to do with Monster Hunter.

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