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Review: Project Pinball
Author: The MPP
Added: 25/03/2018 09:20:55

Presentation: The presentation is... um... better than Slimy, that's for sure! I can see that MonadoBoy64 took my advice with text objects. I like the animation with the buttons on the title screen.

Gameplay: I'm sorry to say this but... the gameplay is absolutely ATROCIOUS. There barley IS any gameplay! I's just watching a ball bounce around the screen and HOPE it'll hit one of those... things!

Graphics: I... I... I... I can't even say anything. I assume that they are placeholders? And if they are, than my respect for MonadoBoy64 has grown a bit. Because I just can't work with placeholders, I ALWAYS need the final graphics. If I'm not proud of the first version, I probably won't even bother to finish it.

Sound/Music: I only heard one sound effect at the beginning.

Lastability: There really is no lastability.

Overall: I get it, this game was cancelled but Project Pinball is just nothing. I can barley even call it a game! Let's just hope that Silly Sam will be better...

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