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Review: Unknown Game 9170
Author: MonadoBoy64
Added: 21/04/2018 00:50:53

The presentation of Temple Dacktrim is awesome. It looks almost like a profession game.

The gameplay of Temple Dacktrim is bad but has potential. There are no enemies fight and you are just walking around collecting items.

The graphics are amazing. Everything looks amazing. The sprites, the backgrounds, animations, etc look great!

Temple Dacktrim's SFX and Music is absolutely terrible. There is no music and not even a single sound effect. Nothing! Absolute dead silence

The lastability of Temple Dacktrim is good. I say that because all the levels are randomly generated so it can make infinite levels and make the game go on forever.

Overall Temple Dacktrim is a beautiful shell that has no meat in it. It is graphiclhy and technically impresive but there's no music and there is basically no gameplay. But granted all the arguments am making are nullified in that game wasn't finished and Alien Seed Games said that there isn't much gameplay in Temple Dacktrim but it doesn't make any sense in why this is classified as game. It should be classified as an engine not a game because there just nothing in Temple Dacktrim but to learn how to make a top down randomly generated shooter game.

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Posted by Alien Seed Games 21st April, 2018

i dont under stand y you review stuff! its not a game and its not a engine its a work in progress to play around with.

It does have enemies all over the map! it got a complex ai system for eatch tile on the map witch saves and loads enemies when you walk in/out off eatch zone on the map.

And you can destroy parts of the levels to! its got random items to! its ment to be played over and over kinda game and you will see new stuff eatch time! and its got a cool system of birds that fly around the map.

you must of played theses games like once then reviewed them


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