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Review: Unknown Game 9175
Author: MonadoBoy64
Added: 21/04/2018 15:55:04

The presentation of My First Game is horrible. There's no title screen or any menus. Also you need to list the controls of the game on the game's page or in the game itself.

The gameplay of My First Game is very bad. You are just shooting spinning spikes but it hard because they go everywhere so it's hard to destroy them. And at the start of the game usually, they just kill and give you no chance. How it should be done is for the game to start off easy. So the player can get a hand on the controls and get into the game. Then it should start to get difficult consistently with the player's growing skill. But I did like when you leave the play area you warp to the other side.

The graphics look pretty good. The sprites and background look very good. Though there's no animation at all.

The SFX/Music is horrible. There is absolutely no sound effects or music at all. Just pure silence.

The lastability of My First isn't very good. There's just one level and there's nothing after it

Overall My First Game is very bad. The only thing that stands out is its graphics. But everything is just bad. But granted this is Oskar,,,'s first game so your not expecting something great on first try. So keep trying Oskar,,,. Looking forward to your future games. Also please make sure you actually give your game a unique name not just My First Game

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Posted by Oskar,,, 21st April, 2018

Thank you for the feedback!
Posted by MonadoBoy64 22nd April, 2018

Your welcome!


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