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Review: Unknown Game 9178
Author: MonadoBoy64
Added: 04/05/2018 02:33:59

The presentation of Savior of Humanny is bad. I didn't like how the font of the text was generic and bland of just being black. Also, the start button looks horrible and when you die you go to this game over screen and you the continue button is just an active object. The lives icon is the generic clickteam lives icon and counters like the boss health and amount of infected gamers are positioned over each other and it looks horrible.

The gameplay is not good but it has potential. All you do is go around and just shoot people and it's a bit boring. The enemies in stage 2 are just jumbled up together and it looks horrible of how the enemies collide with the wall. And you can basically stand still at a spot and just kill them and it's just way too easy. The enemies don't really have any challenge to them and there is basically only on the enemy type. You can basically stand still in the corner during the fight with patient zero and beat him easily though he is the better part of the game in that he is a bit more challenging. This game has potential to be like Death Giver 2 (made by 3kilksphillp) in that game the enemies are harder, there are more variety enemies, you have to have a bit more strategy to kill them, and its gameplay is a lot of fun but unfortunately, this game isn't like Death Giver 2.

The graphics are okay. Everything looks good but Patient Zero looks stretched out and blurry and I wished there was animation to the characters.

The sound and music are meh. The SFX are good and fit the game but there is only one piece music in the title screen. And in the levels, there is no music at all.

The lastability of the game is horrible. You can beat this game probably in 3 to 5 minutes.

Overall Saviour of Humanny is just bad. The graphics and SFXs are good. But the almost the lack of music, the bad lastability, bad gameplay but it had potential, and bad presentation makes the game bad but at least it's a bit better than My first game

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