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Review: Snails vs Aliens
Author: MonadoBoy64
Added: 10/05/2018 22:04:39

The presentation of Snails vs Aliens is perfect. It looks like a professional game. And I liked the story and I especially love the ending of Snails & Aliens

The gameplay is okay. It's good but for some reason, it feels like it's missing something. I do like the different types of enemies, you have to avoid objects like cactus, you can buy upgrades and other things like extra lives or missiles, and the design of the level. The gameplay is good but for some reason, it's not as good because for me it feels like it's missing something and I don't know what it is.

The graphics are good. I love the sprites and I like the art style. But I do feel in the early levels and in some of the later levels. The levels look a little bland.

The sound/music is the worst part of the game. The sound effects fit but I do wish there were sound effects from the enemies. And the music in the menus is okay. But the music in the stage beside stage 7, are horrible they just don't fit the game and I guess that the reason why I have a problem with the gameplay.

The lastability is okay. It took me over an hour to beat the game. It's longer than other daily click games.

Overall Snails & Aliens is okay, the presentation is perfect. The lastability, graphics, and gameplay to being in between okay and good. And the sound/music to horrible expect for sound effects and music in stage 7 and the menus. I want to rate this game eight but the music and feeling something is missing the gameplay places Snails & Aliens at seven. Sorry HTX Games but good job with the game!

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Posted by HTX Games 12th May, 2018

Thank you very much for your review! Critic helps to make a better sequel
Posted by MonadoBoy64 12th May, 2018

Your welcome!


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