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Review: Bug o Bug
Author: TreePine
Added: 23/06/2018 18:14:50

I am rewriting this a actual review !

The presentation was classy and pretty nice!

The game play is very fun for the first 20ish minutes. What really makes this game fun I guess is the diversity of enemies and the levels!

The graphic are pretty good I just don't like how the menus words are hand drawn! Game has some decent graphics but not really 2d eye candy :(!

The music is really cool did you make it? It was stuck in my head for a few days!

The game for me personally lasts around 20 mins then I get bored of it as it gets a bit to repetitive Although after this I come back to it every couple of weeks and have a pretty fun 10ish minutes :)!

Very fun game just needs some more last ability! and a bit more graphical polish!

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