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Review: TGF1 Tetris V.0.7
Author: TreePine
Added: 23/06/2018 18:29:01

I guess I have to give you some slack as this was made with tgf1 and there fore is obsolete but it is still quite similar to fusion 2.5 in its basic aspects! So lets get this started the game starts off with a bad ass intro! That makes anyones eyes pop! Even me a huge tetris fan! you then automatically start in the game which is a huge thing I love! The block falls and hazaa!

The game play I have to say is not the best :(! no no wait not because it is tetris I love tetris! but because the game during the beginning i.e. the first 5 minutes and beyond are just so slow the blocks fall slow and it's a mess that I cant stand and will not entice many people with such slow pace! Also no levels!

Ok this is also a weird topic! Tetris is a game with not much graphical fidelity meaning not to much to say other than! For your next version please scale it normally as when in full screen this game looks like a 80's mess! the blocks are weird in my opinion to and the ui needs a little more spice as it does not say next but only shows next and the score is hard to find!

The standard sound effects :(! just the pop and pop on a line and on a drop! want more and some background music but wont be too hard as the game is quite new and only in v.7!

The game like all tetris games (for me) last hours! but no levels which makes the game worse! and the score system is just no enough!

Meh game! Please work on this game! Has high potential!

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Posted by five 24th June, 2018

I don't know why i response, oh well;

There should be levels in this game, you can choose 0-10 or 0-20 levels, level up for every 5/10th filled row. Either you have encounter a bug or you have the time trial set to true.

Sorry to hear that the piece moves slowly, perhaps changing stuff in the define menu should help..You can choose vertical and horizontal speed, or simply set Fast Game to true for fastest results.

To access the define menu, press F1 when you see the word TETRIS scrolling..The menu is kind of a mess since nothing is in a alphabetic order..
Better scaling should be fixed in the future, as for now, just play the game as it is in scaling i guess.

I have serious issues with samples and TGF btw, TGF either glitch out the whole code or start crashing when importing samples..Had to use blips and blops since more advanced sounds if you will would alaways crash the program.
Perhaps better design on the next version, like larger fonts & numbers, there is many versions of this yes due to bug fixing and re-design..It started off with just red and black graphics and no sounds.

I bought TGF back in the days, so why not start using it again instead of switching to more flexible stuff like MMF lol..MMF & TGF is very much alike yeah but only 254 (aroundish) objects allowed in frames, no extensions & fastloops
included, issues with sounds, max 1200ish conditions allowed (unless put in events) and so on.

Either way, thanks for the review.
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