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Review: Blobs Adventure
Author: MonadoBoy64
Added: 19/08/2018 17:59:54

The presentation was pretty good with the menus, hub, and transitions.

The gameplay was excellent but very hard. The game had really good level design and I liked how each level mixed things every level. With add things like changing the gravity, add boost pad, backtracking, etc. Even though the final boss and bonus level were really hard and frustrating, I got through them and got satisfactory out of it. But there are some things in Blobs Adventure I didn't like. For example, I wished the red cubed enemies moved instead of just standing still. I also wished there were more of a variety of enemies. And another thing I didn't like was how you can restart the level by pressing enter. I don't like it because while playing I would accidentally press it and have to do the level all over again. And that made me mad. But another than those flaws, the gameplay was very good.

The graphics were good. Everything looked good but there were some objects like the key in the bonus stage and flagpole at the end of level's one and two that look really bad and rushed. Also, I wished the backgrounds had more detail to them.

The sound/music was pretty good even though they're from Mega Man 9 & 1o, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario Bros 3. But I can understand why you use them because probably you don't have any music-making software or just lazy. (No offense) But all well.

The lastability of Blobs Adventure is okay. Even though the game is pretty short. The game is pretty hard and the difficulty of the game extends the length of the game to be longer.

Overall Blobs Adventure is a pretty good game but a hard one. The gameplay is excellent. The sound/music and presentation are good. While the lastability and graphics are okay. I would recommend for everyone to play it even though it pretty hard. And Prox276 this is a pretty good first game if I say so. Good job Prox276! And I hope for the best on your next game!

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Posted by Prox276 27th April, 2019

Thanks for your constructive feedback!
I'm working on a MUCH more ambitious sequel and i'll
be working on fixing all the problems you're talking



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