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Review: Blue Shirt Bad Guys
Author: MonadoBoy64
Added: 02/09/2018 23:34:46

The presentation looks good. I like the menus but I don't like how you used the default lives sprite and how it's positioned around the character.

The gameplay is meh. I like how you go around killing enemies but I don't like how the enemies just walk around and don't shoot at you. It just makes the game way to easy. I also which there was a more variety of things like enemies, weapons, levels and other things.

The graphics are okay. I especially love the 3D walls and all the sprites.

The sound effects are pretty good while the music is meh. I say that because there's only one song in the levels and I wish there was more of a variety of music in the levels.

The lastability is pretty bad. There are only three levels and a boss fight in Blue Shirt Bad Guys. And the game can be beaten in around seven to fifteen minutes.

Overall Blue Shirt Bad Guys is meh. The graphics are good, the presentation is okay, the gameplay and sound/music are meh, and the lastability is pretty bad. But this is Maguso212's first game so it's forgivable to make these mistakes. Just do better on your next game! Good job Maguso212!

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