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Review: Unknown Game 9211
Author: MonadoBoy64
Added: 10/09/2018 03:18:09

The presentation is good. I do like how the lives icon isn't around the protagonist anymore and the text is good and not horrible. But I still don't like how you're still using the default lives icon.

The gameplay is bad. Blue Shirt Bad Guys 2 made good and bad changes to the gameplay from Blue Shirt Bad Guys. The good changes it made was that Blue Shirt Bad Guys 2 was that the game was a little bit harder than the original and a had a better boss battle. The bad changes it made was the way you complete the level. The way you complete for the vast majority of the levels in Blue Shirt Bad Guys 2 is by collecting a document. This is bad because it makes the levels short. And this affects the lastability of the game. Another bad thing is that the enemies still don't do anything but bounce around. Why? This is bad because it makes the levels to easy. And it makes the game a bit boring. And then another bad thing is that the levels are smaller and that also affects the lastability.

The graphics are awesome and they're way better than the first game's graphics.

The sound/music is pretty bad. There's only one piece of music in-game, which is in the title screen and there's absolutely no music in the levels. Why? And there's only one sound effect in shooting your gun. And I wished there were more sound effects and music.

The lastability is absolute crap. Like I said in the gameplay section the Blue Shirt Bad Guys 2 made the levels smaller and change the objective of the vast majority of the levels. These factor made in that lastability worst. And it made the game to be able to beat in around 3-6 minutes. Which is horrible!

Overall Blue Shirt Bad Guys 2 is bad. The graphics are awesome, the presentation is good, the gameplay is meh, the sound/music is horrible, and the lastability is absolute crap. Maguso212 why did you rush this game? You could have a good game by taking your time and taking my criticisms into consideration. But no you didn't. I'm sorry for being so negative but Blue Shirt Bad Guys 2 just a bad game. If you going to make a sequel to Blue Shirt Bad Guys 2 (if you are) or a game like this in the future. Please play Death Giver 2 by 3kliksphillp. Besides the story and writing. It's a game that shows how a good top-down walking shooter is. So play it. Looking forward to your next game!

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