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Review: Mome
Author: BigAl0104
Added: 25/11/2018 00:11:22

The presentation was great. All of the cutscenes were very well done, and I like how they are very quirky.

The gameplay is good. It's just a typical side-scrolling platformer, but it also has a few flaws. I really liked how you can stomp some enemies like in Mario, but the things I didn't like were that the collisions with obstacles weren't that good, and also the jumping was a bit annoying, it takes so long to get to the ground, and I know it takes place in space, but it was still a bit annoying, and I also didn't like how the player sprite is also the hit box, it should've been a separate object and make it smaller because the hit detection was not good in my opinion since you can easily get hit by enemies. Despite the flaws, it was still good.

The graphics are good. I really liked how colorful everything is and the cutscenes were very well animated, but I wish some of the enemies were more detailed, but it's still good.

The sound effects were great. I really liked the sound that plays whenever you stomp an enemy. The music was also good, very space themed, and the harmonica song near the end was funny when I first heard it, but it just feels out of place and doesn't really fit in a game like this, but the rest of the music was pretty good.

The lastability is ok. It has quite a few levels, and they do feel challenging, but it will be over soon before you know it, but I did like how it saves your progress.

Overal, Mammie was pretty good. The presentation, gameplay, graphics, sound effects and music were all good, but lastability was ok. It was fun, but a bit frustrating. Good effort, MonadoBoy64

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