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Review: GNOP
Author: BigAl0104
Added: 22/12/2018 17:32:59

The presentation is excellent! I really love the ability to customize your games by changing the music, graphics and even sound effects. It's awesome!

The gameplay is great! Sure it's just Pong, but what makes it special is that you can change the speed of the paddle and ball, as well as their sizes just to make it a bit more challenging. I also really liked how you can also play against a friend instead of just against the computer. Speaking of computer, the A.I. is pretty good too.

The graphics are great! There's so much effort that was put into the graphics to make it look appealing. Even better, you can also customize the paddle, the ball, as well as background which is awesome!

The sound effects are great and really fit the game. The music is also great and I really love the title screen music. Even if I'm not playing the game and doing something else, I always open the game and listen to it, it's pretty catchy. Best thing about it is that you can also customize the music and sound effects, once again, it's awesome!

The lastability is excellent! Since it's Pong, you can play it over and over non-stop until you want to stop.

Overall, Gnop is... is just excellent. Everything about is awesome, but even if I'm not a big Pong fan, I still had a blast playing it. It's very well presented, it plays well, it looks excellent, it sounds excellent and it can last forever. Tammy Spahn, you did an amazing job with it and I hope you'll be able to make more games like this in the future. Keep up the good work! ;)

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