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Review: Freddie Trims a Tree
Author: BigAl0104
Added: 26/12/2018 00:40:49

The presentation was great! I really loved the cutscenes, they were a nice touch, even if they weren't animated, but hey, I'm guessing that's the best that could've been done back in the 90's so it's understandable.

The gameplay was pretty good! It really does capture the 90's point and click charm with figuring out what to do and where to put the items. I also really loved the multiple endings that were added to the game, including the ones where if you mess up, the game's over. Funny stuff!

For 1996, the graphics are pretty good. I even love the character animations and how detailed they were. Sure the drawings are pretty good, but not offend the original creator, the drawings are a bit... weird looking. :P But again, for 1996, they look good.

The sound effects are pretty good and definitely fit the game very well, but some of the sound effects are really loud, especially the one that plays in the title screen. The music does do a good job as well! The MIDI's are actually great and very Christmas themed.

The lastability is meh! It will only take you like 2 minutes to play the entire game, but you can spend more time trying to get all of the endings if you want, even if there is no reward from doing that. Other than though, it's a very short game with only 3 levels.

Overall, Freddie Trims a Tree was great! It was fun little Christmas experience, even if it was over quickly, but at least the presentation, gameplay, graphics, sound effects and music were all great. I'm actually impressed that someone looked back at an old PC Klik N Play game and ported it to Fusion 2.5 for new gamers to play, this was nice! Good job to its original creator, Philip Williams, and good job to our lovely administrator, Joshtek, for porting it!

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