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Review: Snowball Shootout
Author: BigAl0104
Added: 10/02/2019 21:04:24

The presentation was ok. While I did like the addition of a menu and hi-score system, it felt really bland. Also, I didn't like how the transition for the TDC logo was super slow.

The gameplay is good. It does really feel like an arcade game, as in it will get difficult as you keep on playing, but I didn't like how once I got to the 70's points, I started getting the smaller snowballs that were hard to shoot because they go down really fast and I really wish they were a bit slower because I found it to be a bit unfair in my opinion.

The graphics are good. They could have been better, but they are still good. I specially like how the background has those little scribbles to make it seem like something out of Yoshi's Island or maybe even a coloring children's book, really nice touch!

The sfx were meh, there is only like one sound effect in the entire game, and I really wish there were more sfx like a shooting sound effect or anything, that way so it's more exciting, with just one sound effect, it feels dull. At least for the music, I found it to be good and entertaining, especially the banjo tune when you're playing the game, it really fits the game.

The lastability is pretty good. Since it's an arcade-like game, you can play it over and over to get a better hi-score.

Overall, Snowball Shootout is ok. While it's not bad, I expected something big from you as your first game of 2019, but hey, it's your choice and I respect it. I'm looking forward to any more future projects from you, MonadoBoy64. Keep it up! ;)

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