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Review: Jock & Marc
Author: DBack
Added: 17/05/2002

To be honest, I really didn't think that Jock & Marc was a bad game when I started it. The intro (I skipped the Star Wars intro) was actually amusing in dialogue and what occurred while graphically decent. Good presentation, especially for a game this old.

Then I got to the screen right before the game. It told me to press any key to start. You have to press space.

Now the game really isn't that good at all. You start in some random place (after you get shot in the intro) that looks like a dungeon of some sort. Again, the presentation is very good here. However, it only took a few seconds into the game to make me realize how screwy it is. The movement is certainly screwed. Sometimes, when you duck, you have to shoot when to get back up; most of the time, you automatically get up once you let go of the down arrow. But at the start, when I ducked down to get through, I had to shoot to get back up, and one time the door (which is just a gray bar on the screen) didn't open and I got through. It was pretty obvious how bad it was going to get. Right after that, there was this gray hole in the screen where some green thing comes out and hurts you. Oops, I guess I'm going to have to watch out for more random gray holes. And then there's the red dots you collect for no evident reason, and the blue thing you pick up...? The enemies can shoot at you at any time they want, but they just stop and never move again. Of course, they have absolutely no AI, really. Then came the part with the four blocks and the spikes on the bottom. The spikes only hurt you each second you were on them, so if you fell onto them and jumped back up soon enough you weren't hurt. I guess that's compensation for the fact that it's extremely difficult to get past this part. You have to kill an enemy first, and then you have to do some weird jumping to get to the next platform because of the bad platform engine. I did it by holding onto the ceiling with SHIFT (another bug) and dropping down to the right. Then I had to get a red dot under the platform I was on (this platform I'm talking about isn't a block). So I jumped onto a block, or at least I tried. Then the platform engine wouldn't let me get back up again, so I died. Based on the fact that I probably wouldn't be able to get that far again, I quit.

The music is classic Clickteam, but we need originality. SFX weren't that good either. Graphics were good.

There definitely should be a remake of this game. Keep the intro.


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