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Review: Bubble Horde Deluxe
Author: MonadoBoy64
Added: 14/03/2020 20:38:15

The presentation of Bubble Horde Deluxe is bad. I really didn't like how the screen was really small and during gameplay, you can accidentally click out of the game and you have to click on to keep playing. I also didn't like the intro screens because to start the game, you have to press the play, then it shows the credits and then you need to press the spacebar or left mouse button to get to the title screen. I really don't like that and it should have automatically gone through those screens to the title screen. But I do like the title screen.

The gameplay is good, it reminds me of my game Snowball Shootout but the bubbles being destroyed in the top instead of the bottom. But it good and I really like how it starts off easy and it gets harder over time.

The graphics are good. I really like you can choose the background you want to play on.

The Sound/Music is good. I really like how you can choose which kind of song plays during the game. I don't like how the music wasn't made by you but if you can't make the music that's okay.

The lastability is perfect. I love there's three modes and you can always improve your high score!

Overall Bubble Horde Deluxe is good! The Lastability is perfect. Gameplay, Graphics, and Sound/Music are good. And the Presentation is bad. I really like Bubble Horde Deluxe and I really look forward to any future game you make, good work!

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