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Review: The Unicycle Adventure
Author: MonadoBoy64
Added: 14/06/2020 21:55:39

The presentation is awesome! I love how it breaks the 4th Wall in that your playing game at the beginning of the game. I really love the ridiculousness of the game, it's awesome and it's on par with Monty Python levels of ridiculousness and I also really love the cutscenes! But one thing I didn't like was how you had to press two different buttons to restart and transition to the next level. I wish it was on one button.

The gameplay is okay. The Level Design is good but I really wish the jumping was constant and not constantly changing. I really liked how designed the first level and all the other levels but I really didn't like the second level because it requires you to risk dying to get a thwomp like enemy to spawn, so you can get across. I really wish it just spawn by itself instead of you risking death.

The graphics are good! I really love the look of everything but I do wish the backgrounds were better.

The Sound/Music is perfect. I really love the voices in the game and they make me laugh. I especially love the Stop Voice when you hit a stop sign.

The lastability is meh. The game lasts about 35 minutes, which is decent.

Overall The Unicycle Adventure is good! The Sound/Music is Perfect, The Presentation is Awesome, The Graphics are good, The Gameplay is okay, and The Lastability is meh. I really love this game! I especially love the ridiculousness of the game and it makes it so entertaining. I suggest you play this game, you'll have a laugh! Great job Kendall Currie! I really want to a sequel to The Unicycle Adventure! Please fed me by keeping what's great, fixing the problems of the original, and make it more ridiculous! PLEASE, FED ME!!!!!!!!

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Posted by Kendall Currie 16th June, 2020

thanks so much for the feedback. I will use this for games I make in the future and especially if I ever plan to create a sequel.
Posted by MonadoBoy64 16th June, 2020

Your welcome!


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