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Review: Frantic Target Destruction
Author: MonadoBoy64
Added: 19/01/2021 05:00:07

The Presentation is Bad. There's no story which is a nitpick for me but there doesn't have to be a story in a game. My main problem with the presentation of Frantic Target Destruction is that the game ends with an acknowledgment that the game is over. When I beat the game, it just closes the game and I thought I accidentally closed the game. I played the game again and figured it out that the game just closes when you beat the game. Which sucks.

The gameplay is meh. I like the gameplay of platforming and shooting targets but there no agency to it and in that you can't fail. The only purpose of the game is to complete as fast as possible. But there's no high scoreboard, so that makes it pointless. This game could be better if there was a time limit to shoot all the targets in the level. If this was the game it would the gameplay way more fun and better. Also, another complaint I have about the gameplay is that as I played I kept clicking off the game. A remedy for this for the screen of the game to be bigger.

The graphics are good, my one problem with the graphics is I don't like the animation of the character you play as.

The Sound/Music is Perfect, I have no problem with them.

The Lastability is the worst. The game only has eight levels and I beat it in five minutes.

Frantic Target Destruction is meh. The Sound/Music is Perfect, the Graphics are good, the Gameplay is meh, the Presentation is bad, and the Lastability is the worst. Frantic Target Destruction is a game that has potential and if a sequel is made with the corrections I mentioned. It could be a really good game!

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Posted by Jankoleti 9th August, 2021

Thank you for the honest review, you've inspired me to make a sequel and to prove to myself that I can make a better game, and i will!


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