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Author: GraySlicer09
Added: 25/10/2022 20:45:30

The presentation of the game overall is good. I appreciated the smooth slide transitions on the main menu and game over screen. The only thing is the credits are a bit rough graphically with just the color orange for a background. Apart from that though I have no other complaints about the presentation.

The gameplay is quite simple, all you have to do is move left and right. The randomized enemy positions and timing is where the challenge comes in though. Things can start to become a bit frustrating later on in the game when the spawn rate of the enemies picks up. I found myself getting trapped and dying a good few times. Despite that, the game is manageable, especially with the checkpoints that you get. The best part about these checkpoints is that they save to your hard drive, so you can close the game and pick back up at the latest checkpoint later if you find the challenge too difficult to get through all at once.

The graphics don't possess a ton of detail (the background for example), but the style is quaint and the animations on the characters and environment (the flags) bring some life to them.

The background track fits nicely with the game and the included sounds are satisfying. They do their job and aren't too loud.

While the game ends when you get 70 points, you will be playing at at least 12-25 minutes depending on your luck with the enemy spawns. The checkpoints mitigate the frustration of dying and help you hang on in the later parts of the game.

DESERTFETCHER is a short and simple game, but it's good to kill some time with and a bit of a challenge once you reach 50 points or so. Overall, I'd say the game is worth checking out. P.S. I think this would work well as a mobile game.

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