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Review: Triangle Bob and The Perilous Platforms
Author: GraySlicer09
Added: 02/11/2022 19:58:50

To be blunt, the presentation is not very impressive. The menu screen text is just off-centered and italicized Times New Roman with the start button just being a default button. The end screen is also equally as lacking with just an upscaled (and anti-aliased) sprite and some tiny text next to it. The main level of the game isn't very impressive either, with platforms seemingly thrown together at random.

The first thing I noticed is that both the camera and player movement are pretty shaky, which I'm guessing is due to pixel-perfect collisions being enabled on the player sprite while the frame's scrolling position is constantly set to that of the player. This, along with the fact that the player is a diamond, can help explain the issue. This shape with pixel perfect collisions can cause player object's position to shift ever so slightly when it roll, creating the shaking. These kinds of collisions also mean you'll find yourself getting suck in corners or on the edges of platforms quite often. There is not a lot a deceleration either, so it's fairly easy to accidentally roll into a spike near the edge of a platform you've just jumped on to.

The graphics are quite lacking. The player sprite is just Fusion's default active object sprite with a smiley face drawn on it. The platforms just seem to some wood texture which gets cut off on smaller platform objects. These platforms line the bottom of the level as well and appear to be mashed together quite haphazardly. There is also no background, just a solid light blue color. Finally, the text (apart from the main level) is all in a tiny Times New Roman font, which is rather unappealing.

There are no sound effects, however there is some background music for both the menu and main level. The background music also noticeably loops every time the level is restarted. I'm guessing this is due to the music sample being triggered to play at the start of the frame, so every time the frame restarts the music does as well. This could be fixed with a simple check to see if that specific sample is not playing at the start of the frame.

The game only has one level and upon completing it there is no way to get back to the main menu. Unless you want to replay the same level over and over again, then there really isn't any lastability. At minimum there could be some sort of restart button at the end or a few more levels in the game.

Really all I can say about this game is that it can be completed. I would recommend that the creator put some more time into the graphics, design a few more levels, add some more deceleration to the player to make the controls less slippery, and fix the shaky camera when rolling on below the center of the frame.

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