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Review: Slasher night
Author: GraySlicer09
Added: 26/04/2023 22:14:35

The presentation is good with a well put together menu screen greeting you when you first boot up the game. The interface fits the theme and doesn't feel too cluttered.

First off, the gameplay really gives you a feeling of being in one of those summer blockbuster horror movies. You get to decide how your rampage will play out. The ability to sabotage electrical boxes and telephone polls was a neat touch as well and really added to the experience. One thing I REALLY liked in comparison to Halloween a nights quest was the fact that your save data in Slasher Night is saved (in fact this was a criticism in my review of the game), so you can pick up right where you left off in terms of progress. The save data can also easily be erased by simply deleting the save files (which are created in the same directory as the game executable).

The graphics have a similar style to another one of Lord Hannu's games, Halloween a nights quest. While it is similar, the style is built upon with further details being added to the sprites. I especially liked the character sprites in this game.

The sounds are good, I wish there was an option for some subtle background music, but in this kind of game it's not that big of a deal if there is no music. In some cases, the lack of music adds to the atmosphere while you are hunting down your victims.

The game offers several different ways to keep the gameplay fresh and interesting. You have the ability to select from 2 different locations and how many victims you want to kill for starters. You are also given different unlockable character customization options, achievements, and challenges. All 3 of these things operate on a tier system, so you'll be working your way through them several times with different objectives.

Overall this game is a great time presented in a retro format. I like the evolution of the style from Halloween a nights quest, and both the gameplay and lastability are great. I would absolutely recommend that readers give this game a look.

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