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Review: flopsam
Author: GraySlicer09
Added: 26/04/2023 22:19:03

The game is obviously a Flappy Bird clone, but it still has its charm and unique elements.

The game plays like your standard Flappy Bird game, and it does that pretty well. As an addition to the usual challenge of avoiding pipes (presented as stacked soda cans here), you have to avoid additional trash that is floating in the ocean around you. There were only 2 issues I had with the gameplay. First, there is an exploit where you can just hold down the space bar, causing you to infinitely gain height and bypass all the obstacles. Secondly, the random placement of the additional trash in the ocean sometimes blocks the entrance to the soda can "pipes", resulting in what felt like an unfair game over. It feels like there is an element of luck present that shouldn’t be.

The graphics are good, if a little basic. I do appreciate the animation and particles that appear behind you every time you swim.

First off, the game over sound is pretty funny. There is a nice background track present and sound effects in the right places, like for when you “flap” and when you die.

As for lastability, once again it's a similar case to Flappy Bird. It's fun for a little while, but it's all dependent on how much time you want to kill.

Overall, it's a good little Flappy Bird-based game. Despite the complaints I had about it, it is a good time killer and also just fun to mess around with occasionally.

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