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Review: Quit Buggin'
Author: Juan Pereyra
Added: 31/03/2024 02:06:41

I've had fun playing this game, and so has my little brother, so I thought it would be good to review it.

The presentation is good. It shows you a hamburger on a table in the field, the logo is good too.

The gameplay is good, you have to destroy the bugs with the mouse, and you can change weapons to kill different types of bugs, cool!

I love the style of the graphics, they look like they were drawn by a child but they are well done. I always said I didn't like simple graphics, but there are exceptions.

The music is fun, and it's placed in the right place, yeah, the music is good.

The lastability is good too.

A fun game, I had fun with it and my little brother too, an interesting idea for a game.

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