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Review: Jiggle
Author: Max
Added: 18/05/2002

I didn't personally liked this game, but I'm sure that people more interested than me into these game of skill will like this more than me.


Graphics do the job. A game of this kind do not really require graphical expertise after all, eh? The bad thing about it is the lack of music, documentation and intro. Although the lack of documentation isn't that bad, since I doubt that someone will be stuck trying to play the game.


I personally didn't liked the style of play here, but I still found it well done. It is just boring for me, since the game starts out very slowly. Anyone who can stand the slow pace of the game will be struggling with the ammount of balls you have to control simultaneously. However, it would have been nice to be able to move the bars, since they can be placed at some very bad locations every time you start the game.


Opinions will be splitted up here. If you like that game, you'll wanna spend a lot of time restarting games and busting your high scores. If you hate it, you'll play 2-3 games then you won't restart again. If you dig this game, beware. You may stay up late night trying to jiggle balls on your screen


That game's great if you dig puzzle and skill games, but if you don't you won't find the game interesting at all. Just download the game and see which category of players you'll end up in.


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