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Review: Star Smash
Author: Canaryman
Added: 20/05/2002

Umm... what happened there?
I just opened up that game, and i got the TGF library falling from the sky.

Can i ask you a question?
yes? okay, Can i ask you several? Yes. thanks.

Question 1: Where is the help file? Usually games come with some kind of help, either a text file or ingame. This has no help.

Question 2: What is the point of this game?

Question 3: What is the purpose of the pig?

Question 4: Why is there more things that kill you than that give you points.

Question 5: Why do the things that kill you look like power-ups

Question 6: Why the paddle? I mean, it's not breakout, it's not pong, it's nothing at all...

I'm sorry to say - Get lost, this doesn't deserve to be in 320X200 let alone 1024X768. AND TO TOP IT ALL THIS TRIPE IS 3MB LARGE! get a grip man, make a decent game with something to do. I went and done a crap while i left this on and when i came back it was still going! There is no chalenge. There is nothing to this game. We gamers want a game of substance, now flashy graphics and bouncing TGF librarys.


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