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Review: Funky Mini Golf
Author: Max
Added: 05/06/2002

Mini-golf madness!! Two mini-golf games in a row...oh joy! Let's see how the other mini-golf game holds up now...


The game is a bit bland. The game's artwork is limited to two colored grass, sand and water tiles and the whole latter doesn't look pretty overall. The MIDI sounds in the game are a bit unbalanced. There's some tunes which fits the game really well, while others are totally out of place.


The putting interface is a little confusing at first. For some reason the game booted up straight into the golf course without launching the menu so I had no idea about how the game did worked so I had an awful load of shots over the par in the first hole while I was trying to figure out the controls. Arrow keys control the putting power and click with your mouse on the field to aim your shot.

The holes pits you against some wacky obstacles like water and sand traps, fading walls, bouncy bumpers, and hole tunnels. While there's pretty easy holes in the course, there's also insanely hard ones involving precise shots and loads of obstacles cunnigly placed across the hole. My biggest caveat in the game was against these fading walls, which blocked my ball while they were invisible at times. When my ball fell into water, it would also spawn straight unto the walls in some holes. However, unlike Dany Golf, you can freely putt to your heart content, so it's a lot of frustration taked away right off the bat and makes me have fun with the game by scoring 10 hits over the par instead of giving me pulses of mashing my keyboard to pieces whenever I lose.


Finishing all 18 holes won't take much time, but you might enjoy a replay through the game sooner or later.


Funky Mini Golf is a fun mini-golf game with fun holes to play, but really lacks in the graphics department. It suffers from a few problems, but none of these are as worse than those plaguing Dany Golf. The only reason why I do give it a lower ranking is the whole game layout, which is very ordinary. Give this game a try nonetheless, it's only 500k and I do feel it's a good download in the end.


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