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Review: Supar Dupar Bouncy Guy
Author: deejay
Added: 08/06/2002

The gameplay, in Circy's first full release is challenging to say the least. The mines are carefully placed to ensure you have a hard time avoiding them while grabbing those tasty sweets and when the bounce limits begin it becomes a fast paced frenzy to get the sweets, without wasting any bounces. With four different difficulty settings, you're going to find it hard to beat this game in a hurry.
The addition of hidden/mini games provide some needed addition to the game's lastability, and range from an early version of SDBG to an unbeatable pong clone. I think the upcoming version, with the addition of the level editor will add more lastablity too.
The games presentation isnt really up to scratch, but that's understandably (the game took only 3 weeks to complete.) The animation of the player isnt too flexable and themines could do with some explosion effects maybe.
Overall, this is a pretty good game. It's not an overly popular genre so i dont expect it to do wonders in the community, however for what it is, it's a job well done (if that made sense).


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