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Review: Snow Lift 2: Skiers Revenge
Author: Max
Added: 28/06/2002

The tables are it's time for the skiers to get revenge on Santa Claus! MUHAHAHAW! You may read the Snow Lift review before this one.


Things hasn't changed since the original game. The graphics are still as standard as the first game, and the music is kinda unfitting with the game's theme. It is fun to hear Santa scream when you hit him though


The tables has turned it's time for the skiers to throw snowballs at Santa! You control the skier using the arrow keys and you lob snowballs at the crazed fast Santa below. When you're out of snowballs, just reload at the cabin. I found the gameplay to be more fun in this game than it was in the original.


If you like this game, you'll replay it a good couple of times. Otherwise, it'll end up in your recycle bin after the first game. Just like SNow Lift.


Snow Lift 2 is as fun than Snow Lift was, although I do like the concept a bit more in this game. If you liked Snow Lift, you may give this one a play since it's a small download. However, if Snow Lift ended up in your recycle bin, do not bother with that one.


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