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Review: Cosmic Gems
Author: Spike!
Added: 05/07/2002

Ok Graphics, It's obvious the style chosen is pixely and an "old skool" kind of look, the game acheives this look very well to suit the game, however the only downside is the fact that the graphics dont seem to change much in shape or appearance through the levels

The sound works well, it's old skool sound , again what was meant to be acheived, it sounds like it's coming from your computer using internal sounds which gives the game more feeling

Music..hmm what music? something missing there which i think would boost the approach of the game by a lot

The game has a title screen of "click a key to begin" which is fair enough for the style, as i can't think of many other options to go into the game.. it also does a nice 3,2,1 countdown and prepares you throughout the levels

The game plays quite well , shooting the weird things at the top and down the sides.. but the lasers dont destroy when they hit there target so it becomes easy to destroy the middle section. You can shoot out the sides and the top of your "gun" and it becomes neccesary for you to do some good movements to dodge the bullets , 1 hit 1 kill basis.

I didn't manage to finnish the game infact i didnt get that far into it (it is quite a hard game) however the game seems very repetative, so after i got as far as i did and died, i was sort of reluctant to go back to have another go

I think the game can be replayed for a time, however because it is sort of repetative it can only play so long

I think the game is a good game, however it could be improved by adding some music to give it feeling and adding more variety to the levels rather than just faster moving objects.

( for my first review i hope i did ok )


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