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Review: Rocky
Author: Max
Added: 05/07/2002

No, that ain't a boxing game!! That's more like a rock game. Unfortunately, it has almost as much life than a on.


The graphics are for the most part pretty disapointing. Graphics consist primarly of just a bunch of blocks putted on together and the floor tiles are just out of place. I got sick after a while of seeing the floor tiles because it looks so much like the block tiles in the first levels. Luckly, the floor tiles change as you advance through the levels, and the later floor tiles fit better with the wall scheme. Music is appropriate and is quite catchy. Menus are limited to a simple white screen with the blue round guy and some text telling you how to play.


What could have been this game's best category falls apart. The game's objective is to find your way through mazes filled with holes that can be bridged through by pushing rocks over them. It sounds like a pretty good concept, and it is. Unfortunately, it's plagued by many problems. First of all, the playfield allows you to see only what's one square ahead of you, so you may push a rock into a place which looks clear, but once you've pushed it you'll just noticed you've jammed it on the wall. You've got to scout around constanly before pushing anything, in fear of being stuck. The character is also slow like hell, and getting anywhere takes forever. Many people will be turned off because of the very slow pace of the game and won't bear the whole run through it. I even ran through some fatal error problems while running it, thus hardening the burden. There's some new items implemented within the game as you advance, such as teleporters, but they won't make the game much playable if they've had troubles bearing the first levels.


There's some good time to be spent if you can withstand the game's slow speed, but if you don't, you'll get tired of it pretty quickly. Even if you beat it, I doubt you'll replay through the game.


Rocky has got a good puzzler concept, but it's been mixed up with a pretty bad engine, a limited field of way which restrains your actions, and a horrendously slow game experience. The game would be much, much better if you could see farther, move around faster, and if the graphics used some variety and weren't all boxed up. If the following aspects were improved, Rocky would be enjoyable, but I do not recommend the game in it's current state. It's more of a patience exercise than a time-killer and fun puzzler.


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