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Review: Beach Invasion
Author: T.U.G.A.
Added: 08/07/2002

GAMEPLAY: WEll,you basically controll three german soldiers. Your soposed to kill all of these allied forces coming at you. Most just run at you, but few get down and sniper, where it is basically impossible for a sniper to miss a shot, and you cant dodge, because your stationed in one place. But, I do like the fact that you have mortars to frag those annoying snipers.I think this game would be more fun if it had some friendly A.I. to help you out. I did enjoy gunning all those soldiers down tho.

Presentation: It had a nice little title screen. The graphics were pleasent eyecandy, but I probably could sleep easier seeing some guys limbs rip off.

Lastablity: This game can be addictive. Its always a challenge. But all the waves are almost the same, I found it boring. It was like playing the same level over and over again.

Overall: I think the game is pretty good. It still seems like an unfinnished project tho.


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