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Review: Ninjets XF (v.0.47)
Author: Ashman
Added: 13/07/2002

This is a game that is Style over substance.

Gameplay : This is where the game lacks. Despite it's very good graphics, effects etc, the gameplay I found quite boring. Swing sword, dash, crash, swing sword. It just did not really grab me. Although I can see why some people would really enjoy this game and I truly believe that it's at each players discretion as to whether the gameplay is enjoyable.

Graphics : Great. Good title screen, good intro, good sprites, good effects. No real complaints here.

Sounds : I can't put my finger on it but something bothered me about the sounds. They were TGF lib sounds which is alright usually but something here bothered me. They didn't really suit. But I won't deduct marks for I am being very vague.

Lastability : Because I didn't enjoy the game exsessively I will probably not be playing this much.

Overall : A little disappointing considering the hype it's getting but still worth checking out. And who knows. You may love it.


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