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Review: agent ed (demo)
Author: Raincoatduck
Added: 15/07/2002

With some work, this could become a great click game. However, some quirks and the difficulty level hamper its fun.

Graphics- The graphics are ok, they're fairly cartoony and simple. They're generally pretty average for a click game, so there is some room for improvement.

Sound- The sound can get a little annoying when the enemies all shout "Sound the alarm" but the rest is fine

Gameplay- This is where the game shines and falters. The whole head changing idea is great and the creator has made some well thought out levels to compliment this ability. However, some parts of levels are nearly impossible since you have such little health. Around 3 bullets kills you and the enemies all have automatic weapons, I think giving the player a bit more health would help. Also, another problem is ammo, when you get into a new body you don't get a new supply of ammo. So halfway through levels you'll run out of ammo and have no choice but to restart it.

If the creator was to make some of these changes to make it less difficult then it could be a very fun click game.


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