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Review: Jam 1.2
Author: BlackZombie
Added: 27/07/2002

Imagine tetris, the classic puzzle game, now give yourself 4 playing fields. In this game you are given a tetris-style piece and you manipulate the piece and then send it up into one of the fields. But of course to challenge you, there's a time limit which shortens every level. The presentation of this game is very basic which kind of makes it boring to play. If you're just there to play the game it can be addictive though! The gameplay isn't really NEW, but at least it adds a twist to Tetris with it's 4-chamber style. Another problem is if you've played and gotten bored of Tetris, you won't want to play this game much, and with the lack of an online scoreboard, what's the point of trying to really get a good score, besides to beat your friends or something? Also, this is a demo and you only have it for a certain time (15 days?) before it stops functioning, then if you like the game you have to BUY it. I don't think I would pay for this game, I think for you to charge money for a klik game it needs to be damn near perfect. Oh well, for the puzzle fan this is definitely a recommended try.


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