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Review: Unknown Game 1232
Author: The Chris Street
Added: 29/07/2002

Hmm. To be honest, after downloading this, I kinda wished I hadn't. This game is a Sokoban wannabe, and it tries to improve on the gameplay by adding more of a puzzle element to it. Sadly, this puzzle element totally ruins what could have been a good game.

Pushing the fruit into the wall, for example, I believe, never seemed to be intentional for the game, so I also think that the creator made up an excuse for the bug. And..well, the graphics are functional and everything, everything works, but its just far more boring than Sokaban, to be honest. I'm not knocking you Juli@n, because clearly a lot of effort has gone into making the game. The engine is solid, it has a workable save/load system (which is pretty quick) but this game didn't just do it for me, sorry.


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