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Review: That Night Before
Author: S Radley
Added: 02/08/2002

You don't generally see a lot of adventure games made with Click products.

Much less good ones.

Enter "That Night Before."

Having been burned before by less-than-good click adventures, I was pretty wary while downloading this. But hey, the comments looked good, it was getting some nice reviews, and the screenshots didn't make my head explode with a crappiness overload, so I gave it a shot.

I like it!


That Night Before presents itself like a LucasArts adventure--it even uses LucasArts music, though that's okay because seriously, most games use ripped music. Anyway, the entire series up through Act 3 gives off a rather professional air, with some nice cutscenes, well-drawn locations, and some pretty witty text. The graphics not only didn't make my head explode, they even made me nod in approval. My only complaint there is that the animation often, off-kilter, and there were some spelling mistakes throughout the speech in the game.


Ah, but this is where making an adventure gets real tricky. You can't rely on weapon powerups and gore and bloody and gruesome enemies to make an adventure good. It needs good puzzles.

That Night Before has 'em.

The puzzles, while actually a bit on the easy side, are satisfying to complete because they make SENSE. Not to mention some of the reactions you get from doing certain things are hilarious. When you finally figure something out, you get this neat sense of "I am the king." This game is plain-old-fashioned adventure fun.

Maybe that's just me though. Prolly is.

Kudos to the plot too. It's actually one of the oldest ones there is, but it still caught me by surprise. But that could be because I'm just daft.

My only problems here were some funny bugs where the mouse stopped working and I couldn't do anything, not even save. I had to quit and reload the game. Fortunately, this only happened in Act 1.


Well, it IS an adventure game, and by its genre it takes a hit here. The fun is in figuring out the puzzles, and once you've done that, you've done all there is to do, really. You might run through the game a few more times to see if you missed anything, but once you're done, you're done.

But it's good while it does last, and hey, we still have Act 4 to wait for.


Great job, Scurvyliver. I'm impressed, really. Good graphics, great puzzles, nice plot. Give yourself a gold star--there's a good reason this game is on the top download list.

I'm done now. *steps off his soap box*


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