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Review: Space Invaders (Reaper Edition) Demo
Author: Phredreeke
Added: 13/08/2002

While it being just a demo, it has got potential. While the graphics aren't the best I've seen, it's good, and it doesn't matter much in a game like this anyway. The music are from various Final Fantasy games, I think VI and VII, while some spoiled kiddies would flame the game and it's author for this, I think it quite fits. The title screen uses normal windows buttons, which could be replaced with artwork buttons.

Reaper has implented an original concept of special missiles, given to the player by killing four aliens the same color, each color gives a different one. The boss is especially cool, having a big laser that you must dodge. The game uses the built in mouse movement for control, still it plays fine, although I wouldn't want to play it with a touchpad or trackball, I would suggest adding keyboard support. I'd like to play the full version of this game.


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